Impey & Company appreciate how difficult and time consuming undertaking a full property search is. Impey & Company offer a full search service providing total confidentiality. We also pride ourselves that our detailed knowledge of the market ensures any problems are resolved speedily and terms are competitively agreed.

The various steps to a successful property acquisition are as follows:

Initial client meeting

We strongly recommend a meeting with clients, either at their premises or our offices in order to discuss in detail the type, size and specification of property.

Initial Search

The search will include:

  • Direct mailing operation to other active agents
  • Direct mailing to national agents involved with suitable properties
  • Ground level search

Direct approach

This is undertaken where a property has been identified that satisfies the specification. The property may not be on the market and we would make a direct approach to the owner.

General search

If a property is required within a specific location, we can undertake an ownership search.

Property Schedule

Where applicable, a schedule of properties will be produced, providing brief information.


Our detailed knowledge means we can provide advice and assistance in respect of lease and assignment terms to ensure that our clients are not exposed to unacceptable risks. In relation to price, our knowledge of the market allows us to check on the appropriate cost and provide guidance on funding.  During negotiations, Impey & Company will inspect the property. If the building is offered to let on a new lease, it may be appropriate to look at the inclusion of a photographic schedule of condition. It may also be important to look at other costs associated with the occupation of the property and, where appropriate, to look at compliance and in particular the following:

  • Provision/inspection of the asbestos survey
  • Provision of interim electrical certificate
  • Provision/investigation of gas safety certificate
  • Health and safety issues
  • Disability at work issues

Impey & Company can advise on all property issues affecting the occupation of a property.


Acquisition fees are charged to reflect the level of work undertaken. Initially a fixed fee will be charged for the search. At the time when a suitable property has been identified, a separate fee will be agreed for the negotiations. In all cases, fees and charges are offset by the client’s time saved in undertaking the search and the negotiated terms.