Changes in the Electronic Communications Code affecting Phone Masts

The new Electronic Communication Code is due for discussion in Parliament and will form part of the Digital Economy Bill  introducing long awaited reforms.

The Government’s aim is to deliver choice and high quality communication services.  The code will address problems faced by land owners wishing to trigger the renewal of expired agreements.

Under the current system, notice has to be served on the operator who can simply assert his right to remain, often  failing to renegotiate agreement and many owners tend to ignore the situation because of potential costs.  The new code will introduce a six month notice period for the right, if parties have not agreed terms, for the matter to be referred to Court for the agreement to be terminated.

In view of these forthcoming changes, we are finding that existing phone mast operators are already prepared to discuss renewal terms and if you have existing phone masts and the agreements are out dated, then it is appropriate to review the documentation.

If a phone mast or a telecoms agreement affects your property or site, contact R.A. Morris for further