We have issued regular news updates relating to the rating revaluation and these can be found on our web site.

We attach a link to our earlier news article which provides a general summary of the important dates which are now applicable for the rating reassessment.

Impey & Company News Article issued September 2016 – Important Dates to Watch –

The Government produced a consultation paper relating to the rating reassessment in September this year.  This indicated that there would be a general reduction in rates in the North West area.  The Government projected 15% reduction in relation to retail rates, 14% reduction in relation to offices and a 12% reduction in relation to industrial.

Government Briefing Paper – Business Rates 2017 Revaluation –

During September, the draft assessment was issued and and on behalf of clients, we have investigated a number of cases and can confirm that the projected reduction in RV appear to be in place.

At the present time, we are waiting for the uniform business rate multiplier and when this is released by the Government, we will then be able to assess the actual level of rates which will be payable from April next year.

The District Valuer however accepts that the new list contains drafting errors and as previously indicated, it is therefore important that ratepayers should check their assessment in order to ensure that it has been calculated correctly.

It is important that advice should be obtained on a local basis from a rating specialist and Impey & Company, Stockport based Chartered Surveyors can advise.

We recommend to clients that they do not lodge a rating appeal until the actual assessment has been checked.

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