Impey website visitor numbers spike

Impey & Company have recently undertaken a significant overhaul of our website with the aim of increasing our online presence and ultimately increase visitor numbers which in turn leads to increased transactions.

The original Impey website served the company well for a number of years but the ever changing face of online marketing and user interaction meant that a new website was imperative.

Impey & Co understood that online visitor expectations have evolved to require more from the website by way of increased visible content including photography, imagery, locational data and floor plans as well as the site being fully mobile friendly and our new site looks to be achieving all of these requirements.

During the period 1st March 2015 to 29th February 2016 user numbers have increased by 25% compared with the same period for the last two years.

Average sessions per user have increased by 38% and annual page views have increased by over 40% which serves as a key indicator in increased market confidence and the Impey & Co website continues to serve as a barometer for the commercial property market in Stockport and surrounding areas.