Property Management

Impey & Company has a strong management background and currently looks after a mix of office, retail and industrial premises in the south Manchester and Stockport areas.

The hands on management undertaken is recognised as one of the key features in maintaining good landlord and tenant relationships and in many cases has led to stability within the property, ultimately leading to an improvement of investment value.

Property management in the modern era is not simply about rent collection. There are currently 24 Acts affecting property management and health and safety legislation, which the Impey & Company management team deal with on a regular basis.

Key features of the management operation include:


Impey & Company take over responsibility for the day to day management of the property. We set up management records reporting our frequent inspections and problems encountered and dealt with.

Service Charge Planning

Impey & Company will forward plan the maintenance requirements applicable to a property asset to ensure that average running costs are maintained as far as possible. Work as necessary will be phased over a period of time to avoid a situation where a tenant is suddenly faced with an unexpected bill, or where a property becomes vacant, is suddenly found to be in a poor and dilapidated condition.

Landlord and Tenant Relationships

We maintain strong links with landlords and tenants in order to create a good working relationship between the parties. The practice is pro active rather than re active in dealing with maintenance works and management problems.

Asset/Value Growth

It has been proven that due to our hands on management tenants remain in buildings longer and properties when vacated are re-let more quickly, thus resulting in continuity for the landlord’s income stream and an increase in property asset value. If an investment is to be sold, strong management records assist in the successful marketing and disposal of the asset.